The Best Crochet Pins for Joining Pieces

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I am in love with these crochet pins.  They make seaming and joining crochet pieces of crochet so much easier.  I wrote a blog post all about them so you can decide if these pins will be a good addition to your crochet tool box.  I also share where to buy these pins to get the best deal. Click to be directed to the blog post.

Are you ready for your life to get easier? I am so excited to introduce you to Clover Bamboo Marking Crochet Pins.

These crochet pins make joining crochet pieces together go from a nightmare to a breeze. When you have the right tool the job is easy!

These pins are my absolute favorite crochet tool. I LOVE them and I’m sure you will too and then remember me for the rest of your life because I introduced you to them. Seriously, you are going to love them that much.

I would even go so far as to say they are life changing. I still remember the exact yarn store I was in and the person who showed me these pins when I saw them for the first time, it was that epic of a moment.

A package of clover Bamboo marking crochet pins.  Pack is long and thin and holds 10 pins.
A package of Clover Bamboo Marking Crochet Pins comes with 10 pins.

Crochet Pins Advantages


These crochet pins ACTUALLY hold the fabric. Before finding these pins I really struggled with any kind of seaming or stitching together of crochet pieces.

I found that regular sewing pins were constantly slipping out of place because they were too small and too slippery. I would pin my whole garment, start seaming, and then get halfway through to find that many of the pins had shifted or fallen out. So frustrating.

I also tried clips but I found they distorted the fabric too much. I strugged trying to find anything that would hold my crochet pieces in place.

Enter Clover Bamboo Marking Pins into my life. They are so amazing.

They are nice and big so they can hold together crochet fabric. Fabric pins are made for fabric. They are small and thin just like fabric. That’s why they don’t work on.

Clover Bamboo Marking pins are made specifically for handmade crochet and knit fabric. You need a big thick crochet pin to hold together handmade fabric.

Two pieces of crochet ready for joining.  Clover crochet pins hold the two pieces together side by side.
These two pieces of crochet are made with double crochet and worsted weight yarn. The pins are the perfect size to hold the pieces together.


Also, they are made of bamboo which is not slippery like metal. Oh gosh, the tears I shed trying to get my seams to stay together with metal pins! The bamboo has a little friction that holds the crochet pins in place perfectly. And they are still smooth enough that they don’t catch on the fibers in your yarn.

You won’t loose these pins because they are nice and big (2.75”/7 cm long). You can easily see them when you drop one. I hate using metal pins because if you drop one they are gone forever (until you step on one, ouch!). You won’t have that problem with these. You will save time searching for dropped metal pins and won’t ever run out of pins because you won’t loose these.

Three crochet pins next to a ruler.  You can see that the pins are 2.75" long.


I’ve been using the same pack of 10 pins for about 3 years now and I see no wear and tear on these pins at all. I’m not easy on them either. I have them tossed in with all my hooks and even though are constantly getting bumped around in my crochet Caboodle they still stay perfectly smooth and the points are in perfect shape. These pins will last you a good long time.

How to use

I use these crochet pins for a lot of different things.

Because I make mostly garments I use them to hold seems together. They come 10 in a pack which is more than enough to hold the entire side of a long cardigan in place while you seam it up.

They are long enough to reach across a seam if you like to hold your pieces side by side when seaming like I do. And they are long enough to hold two bulky pieces of crochet fabric one on top of each other. They are a workhorse pin.

Two pieces of crochet ready for joining.  Clover crochet pins hold the two pieces together one on top of each other.
The pins easily hold two pieces of crochet on top of each other. The pieces of crochet are made with the double crochet stitch and worsted weight yarn.

When I make amigurumi I find them perfect for pinning pieces together. In this case I push the pin straight into the fabric and let the round top hold the pieces in place.

I also use them for pointing to a specific stitch and for marking the center of a piece. Because of the length you can easily mark the center of something by lining up the pin and have it point along the line.

Clover crochet pins are perfect for pinning amigurumi.  Here two crochet pins hold a leg in place for joining crochet pieces.
Push the crochet pins all the way into amigurumi to hold pieces in place for joining.
A crochet pin marks the middle of a face on an amigurumi robot.
These crochet pins are also great for marking the center of your project.

Where to buy

The only places I’ve seen these pins for purchase are at local yarn stores and online at Amazon, the Lion Brand Website and directly from Clover.

Even though clover products are sold in most large craft stores like Michaels and Joanns I’ve never seen these pins in their stores. You can purchase them on the Joanns website but I did not see them on Michaels website at the time I published this post.

The retail price is about $10.50. Although I just did a quick search on Amazon and they have them on sale for $7.69.

When I first saw the price I almost didn’t buy them. But trust me, 10 pins is all you need, you won’t lose them, and your life is going to be so much easier that they will be well worth the price. Maybe you’ll even hate seaming less! That would be well worth the price tag.


The pins come 10 in a pack. I bought a pack 3 years ago and the one pack has been more than enough.

Clover Bamboo Marking Crochet Pins in the package.
A pack of Clover Bamboo Marking Pins.

Alternative to Crochet Pins

Oh, I should mention that even thought they look very similar to toothpicks, toothpicks do not work as marking pins.

Trust me, I tried them. The Clover pins are super smooth and glide in and out of your fabric effortlessly without grabbing the yarn or distorting your stitches. But they still have enough friction to stay in place.

I tried to pin a piece with toothpicks and instantly regretted it. Toothpicks are surprisingly not smooth. They grabbed onto my yarn and would not let go. I was ripping the fibers of my yarn trying to get them out. Trust me. DO NOT try this at home.

Crochet Pins Disadvantages

Honestly, the only disadvantage to these pins is the price. They cost more compared to metal pins. But they make seaming and attaching crochet fabric so much easier I think they are worth the $7-$10.


Of all the things I have ever recommended to you on this blog I am most confident that you are going to love this product most of all.

They absolutely transform seaming from a nightmare to not that bad. They will do the same for attaching amigurumi pieces as well. I am soooo excited for you to try these pins. Please let me know how much you love them!

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I highly recommend these crochet pins especially if you struggle with seaming or joining pieces of crochet.  Click through to read the article I wrote about why these pins are so great, how to use them, and where to buy them.  I hope these pins make your life easier like they have made mine!