Hello!  I’m Mary Beth Cryan a fun loving crochet designer with an illustration background.  Is that weird?

Why crochet fashion?  Because I’m obsessed with fashion!!!!  I’m glued to the computer every Fashion Week month watching runway shows on  And my favorite all time tv show is Project Runway.  I once met Tim Gunn.  He’s sooooo nice!  Now I’m designing fashion in my own quirky, fun style!  It’s a dream come true.

I have loved art since I was born and been working as a professional illustrator with a specialty in product design for 18 years (13 years as a freelancer), written 17 published paper craft books, created 8 published paper craft kits, illustrated/engineered countless pop-up greeting cards, and won 3 LOUIE Awards. Some of my freelance clients include The Museum of Modern Art New York City, American Girl, American Greetings, Papyrus, Dover, Fred, Peter Pauper Press, (and many more). 

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University.  Any other orange fans out there?

My specialty for the past 13 years has been paper products (paper craft, stationery, cards, gift bags, really anything pretty made out of paper) but after being diagnosed with and fully recovering from cancer I had the desire to change my medium to something less fleeting.  I took many different craft and art classes all over RI and MA until I stumbled upon crochet.

I took a crochet class because I was bored one week, there were no other classes happening, and it was one of the only crafts left I hadn’t tried yet in my life, boy was that lucky!!  (I seriously think I’ve tried 98% of the craft and art mediums on earth.  Glass blowing?  Yes.  Mosaics?  Yes.  Little models made out of plaster?  Yes!  Woodworking?  Yes!  Those little plastic beads you iron together?  Yes!  Airbrushing?  Yes!  Pottery?  Yes!  Jewelry making (metalsmithing, beading, wire wrapping?  Yes!  Competitive cake decorating?  Yes!  Watercolor, acrylics, pastels, oils, gouache, charcoal, conte crayon, colored pencils, cut paper, collage, sculpy?  Yes!  Sewing?  Yes!  Knitting?  Yes!  I’ll stop now but the list goes on and on as I’m sure you can imagine.

Anyway, back to the story.  Like you, I fell head over heals in LOVE with crochet!  I love the colors, textures, versatility, endless possibilities, and heirloom quality of yarn.  And so the next part of my journey as a designer was born.  Sorry paper, it’s not you, it’s me.

I’m a bit of a work-a-holic but I do have a life too!  I have a husband, a kiddo, and 3 cats.  I drag my kid to every free children’s craft within a 20 mile radius.  If you’d like to see our adventures and behind the scenes of this blog I document all this in my Instagram stories (click here) or if you prefer Facebook (click here).

Nice to meet you!

Crochet Market Bag pattern