Lean Into Bobbles Crochet Summer Top Pattern

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The Lean Into Bobbles Tee is fun diy crochet top for summer. I think you are really going to enjoy making and wearing crochet top pattern.  It's size inclusive and contains easy to follow instructions to customize the collar, sleeves, colors, and pattern.  This pin will take you straight to the crochet pullover.

If you crochet for creative fulfillment I had you in mind when I designed the Lean Into Bobbles Crochet Summer Top Pattern. My hope is that you will be inspired by all the ways that you can customize this unique tee to reflect your personal creative vision.

When made with DK weight cotton this crochet top pattern is perfect for wearing during the summer to the office or outside on days with cool breezes. This pattern includes instructions for sizes XS through 5X.

Buy the pattern on Etsy or Ravelry now or keep reading to find out more about the tee and pattern details

Crochet Summer Top Pattern

Have fun dreaming about all the different creative possibilities for this pattern.

The first way to make this pattern your own is in the color choosing. I included a lot of opportunities for color mixing and matching for you.

In my version of this crochet tee, I made each stripe a different color and each edging a different color. But feel free to place as many or as few colors as you want where ever you want. To get inspired scroll down to the end of this post to view the many different ways the testers mixed and matched color.

Some testers used two colors, one for the bobbles and one for the body. Other testers experimenting with color blocking. And one bold tester made every bobble stripe and every main body stripe a different color!

Are your creative juices flowing yet?

A woman wearing a brightly striped crochet top pattern in summer against an urban background.
Photo credit @sandhyasloopedfashion

Mix up the Trim

This crochet summer top pattern has a different element to it than any other pattern I’ve ever designed. It has options for the neckline and sleeves.

There are two necklines and two sleeve designs for you to choose from. Each are written up in the pattern. Just choose your favorite and simply follow the instructions for that design.

The reason there are two options is because of my testers. I have experienced crocheters “test” every pattern I make and give me feedback on how I can make the pattern better.

This design started with the non-bobble edging. One of the talented crocheters who tested this pattern thought it would be fun to do the bobbles around the neckline and sleeves.

A woman wearing the Lean Into Bobbles crochet summer top pattern.  The bobbles are white against a gray crochet background.
Photo credit @nesrint

She posted her picture of her modified tee online and the other testers and myself LOVED it. I asked her for her permission to use her idea and she said yes. So I added her design detail as an option to the pattern.

If you scroll down to see the tester photos you can see that you can mix and match the trims. When choosing which way you will go with this pattern keep in mind that there is no wrong decision. They all look fabulous.

The shoulder of a brown crochet t shirt featuring colorful edging and a bobble stitch pattern stripe.
Sleeve and collar option 1
Sleeve and collar option 2

I love the bobble rows and the idea of using them in different colours, they really stand out and I (think) it looks very cool!


The Idea Behind the Design

When I design a pattern there is always an idea behind the design, as opposed to a design based solely on aesthetics. This is how I was taught to design at Syracuse University where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts.

I approached this design with the goal to use bobbles in a different and unique way.

Bobbles are such a fun modern stitch. There are a lot of talented designers innovating with them. I’ve seen some really clever designs out there recently.

As I was experimenting with swatching up different bobble options I found that I really liked the look of a single row of bobbles in a contrasting color. The look was simple but striking. When I combined this technique with the main body stitch it all came together.

A close-up of the stitches on the Lean Into Bobbles Tee.  The background is brown and the bobble stripes are pink and gray.
my house

Coloring Page

Oh, I forgot to tell you, there is another element of this pattern that is a first for me. As you may know, I am a professional illustrator too. I drew up a simple picture of this top for you in a coloring book style and included it at the end of the pattern.

You can print out the coloring page and experiment with color right on that page before you choose your yarn. I thought this would help you get you brainstorm some clever new color combinations. I hope you enjoy the coloring page!

A coloring page for the Lean into Bobbles crochet top against a beige crocheted background.

The bobble stitch just caught my eye.


Crochet Tee Pattern PDF Details

You will enjoy this pattern! I created this pattern to be be the perfect combination between relaxing the challenging. Once you have the stitch down you will be able to crochet without looking at the pattern.

And the changes from the main stitch to the bobble along with the color changes will keep you engaged and wanting to keep on crocheting. This one might be hard to put down. Consider that your warning. Ha-ha.

The pattern is rated Easy which is the equivalent of advance beginner/intermediate. The required skills include: dc, sc, increasing, decreasing, bobble (explained in the pattern) and seaming (video link included).

Your pattern purchase includes an easy to read 20 page pdf. There is a lot of supporting material in this easy to follow pattern including detailed photos of the finished garment, a schematic with ALL the measurements you will need to choose the correct size for yourself, size inclusive instructions for XS-5X, a gauge swatch chart and photo, bobble stitch explanation, instructions for two different sleeve and collar designs, stitch charts (it is not necessary to know how to read a chart to complete the pattern), and that fun coloring page I mentioned earlier.

The pattern is written in US terms.

The pattern is very clear and if you have a question I am here for you. I have a dedicated pattern support email listed at the end of the pattern. You can email me directly anytime!

Here is what you will need

  • Crochet hook size US I/9 (5.5 mm) or size used to obtain gauge
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • 2 Stitch Markers

It was beautifully designed.


Don’t have any CotLin? You can substitute any 3-light weight yarn.

Here are two yarns my testers recommend:

Speaking of Crochet Testers

Here are some inspiring Be Spotted Tees by a few of my talented testers.

Be sure to check them out on Instagram (by clicking on their names in the photo credits) if you’d like to see more of their beautiful work.

A woman wearing a pink and white crochet summer top pattern made with Lion Brands comfy cotton yarn.
Photo credit @handmadebyyarnmama
A woman wearing a 60s inspired crochet t shirt with colorful bobble stitches against a black background.
Photo credit Jo G.
A woman standing, leaning on a fence overlooking water wearing a crochet top with bobble stitches and statement jewelry.
Photo credit @nesrint
The Lean into Bobbles crochet top on a woman.
Photo credit @sticky_knots
A color blocked gray and white tee cochet summer top.
Photo credit @remyespanol
A woman wearing the Lean Into Bobbles crochet t shirt in pink, gray and white standing on porch on a sunny day.
Photo credit @tania.torres.o
A custom Lean into Bobbles crochet top with multicolored bobble stitch stripes against a white crochet
Photo credit @dwccrochet
A red and gray crochet top with bobble edging.
Photo credit @Traceywalshx
A pink and white crochet t shirt pattern featuring the bobble stitch and the griddle stitch being worn by a woman.
Photo credit @pawhandmade_
A lime green crochet t shirt with bobbles being worn by a child.
Photo credit @shalinidsouza_13

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