Eight Bobble Crochet Necklace Pattern

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Are you looking for fun crochet jewelry patterns?  You will the Eight Bobble crochet necklace pattern.  It's a quick and easy crochet project that makes a great fashion statement or a unique crochet gift.

A quick to make, fun to wear crochet necklace pattern

Do you love making wearable crafts? I do too! It’s so much fun to go out into the world and proudly wear something you’ve made with your own hands. That’s why I designed this crochet necklace pattern.

Sweaters are great to crochet but sometimes you just want to make a fun quick crochet project in the few minutes of “you time” you have in a day. Know what I mean?

The Eight Bobble Crochet Necklace Pattern will take you less than an hour and only uses 60 yards of worsted weight yarn.

Buy the pattern on Etsy or Ravelry now or keep reading to find out more about the necklace and pattern details

Two pieces of crochet jewelry made from the crochet necklace pattern Eight Bobble Necklace.  The necklaces are lilac, white, gold, and yellow.  Two wood hooks and two balls of yarn are also shown.

Flex your creative muscles

The Eight Bobble Crochet Necklace pattern will get your creative juices flowing.

Here you can see I’ve made the crochet jewelry pattern in four colors. But you can make it in as many or as few colors as you would like. It even looks fantastic in just one color.

Experiment with your stash and have fun! Each necklace only takes about a half an hour so flex your creative muscles and try out a super funky crazy color combo. If you don’t like it, it only took you 30 minutes. You can always make another!

Some of my testers made 5 necklaces! Scroll to the bottom of this post to see their inspiring crochet necklaces.

A white crochet necklace made from the Eight Bobble Necklace Pattern makes a quick and easy crochet gift idea.

Modern Statement necklace.

Do you love making a fashion statement? Or do you know someone who does?

This crochet necklace pattern is super simple to crochet and makes a funky statement. Throw it on with any plain shirt and you’ll be looking cool and artistic!

The half moon shape is super modern right now. And bobbles are very fresh. This crochet necklace will add a stylish touch to any outfit.

It’s also a quick and easy crochet gift idea.

I started the Pendant Necklace last evening and finished it within 30 mins.

A crochet necklace pattern show on a blue shirt.  The crochet jewelry pattern makes a quick crochet gift.

Quick and Easy crochet gift idea

Do you enjoy making gifts? Are looking for something new and unique to dazzle your friends and family? Crochet jewelry makes a great quick and easy crochet gift idea.

If you’ve made your loved ones many hats, scarves and mittens they will be super surprised when they see this unique crochet gift. Imagine the surprise and delight on their faces when they open their necklace! They will feel very special.

And I’m sure you already have the yarn around the house. This crochet jewelry pattern only takes 60 yards of worsted weight yarn. I know I own enough yarn to make 1 million of these necklaces. Ha-ha.

This turned out so PRETTY!! Its such a fast make! It will look amazing in any color!! I made a total of 5!

The Eight Bobble Crochet Necklace Pattern is a quick crochet project.  It is made with worsted weight yarn and shown here in blue, white, yellow, and gold.

Crochet Jewelry Pattern PDF Details

You can make this easy crochet jewelry pattern! The necklace has a unique shape but it’s made out of easy stitches that I’m sure you already know. The required skills include: single crochet, single crochet increase, slip stitch, bobble (explained in pattern) and surface crochet (explained in pattern).

Your pattern purchase includes an easy to read 7 page pdf.

You won’t get stuck anywhere in this pattern. It is clear and easy to follow because, like all of my patterns, it has been tested and professionally tech edited.

Included in the pattern are instructional photos and instructions to customize the length of the chain. It is written in English in US terms.

The pattern is very clear and if you have a question I am here for you. I have a dedicated pattern support email listed at the end of the pattern. You can email me directly anytime!

Three Eight Bobble Crochet Necklaces made from a crochet jewelry pattern.  The necklaces make quick crochet gifts.

I love making wearable items and I am always keen to make my own jewelry.


Here is what you will need to make this crochet necklace pattern

  • Crochet hook size US G/6 (4 mm)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • One 0.75”/2.5 cm, round, 4 hole button
  • Optional: Fabric Stiffening Spray

Don’t have any 24/7 at your local store? You can substitute any 4-worsted weight yarn.

I’m sure you’ll find what you need in your stash.

You only need:

Color A:  2 yds / 2 m

Color B:  3.5 yds / 13 m

Color C:  7 yds / 6.5 m

Color D:  44 yds / 41 m

Inspiring Crochet Tester Photos

Here are some inspiring Eight Bobble Necklaces by a few of my talented testers.

Be sure to check them out on Instagram (by clicking on their names in the photo credits) if you’d like to see more of their beautiful work.

Photo credit @instagrannie_wicks
Red crochet necklace
Photo credit @sewlisalife
Purple crochet necklace
Photo credit @mrunalcrochets
5 crochet necklaces, one pastel, one variegated, one rainbow, one mint, one primary colors
Photo credit @stacysecoy
Photo credit @dawn_to_dusk_24

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Are you looking for fun crochet jewelry patterns?  You will the Eight Bobble crochet necklace pattern.  It's a quick and easy crochet project that makes a great fashion statement or a unique crochet gift.
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