10 Crochet Magazine Subscriptions & How to choose the best one for you!

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I’m buying myself a gift, a subscription to a crochet magazine! 

But which one??!!

I love to excessively research everything. And I went all out researching this topic.

Below you will find the 10 crochet magazines that deliver to the United States, every fact you need to pick the best subscription for you, how to narrow it down, my top 3 picks, and finally the magazine I subscribed to.

But first here’s a little bit about how I decided a crochet magazine subscription is the perfect gift for myself right now.

Should you invest in a crochet magazine subscription?

Of all of the tactics I’ve tried during the pandemic to keep myself happy and occupied, the activities that happen monthly, have a bit of a surprise element, are inspirational, and give me something positive to look forward to have been the most successful.

As the mom of our little family the job of organizing the family calendar is mine.  I’m sure you can relate.  But lately there isn’t much to organize.  Well, there’s my son’s 500 google classroom meetings a day (first grade) but other than that, not really much going on.

So instead of the calendar organizer, I’m now the family entertainment finder.  And I’ve been working HARD to come up with ideas for fun.  Some ideas have been better than others.  

Activities my family has tried

Geocaching was going well until it got COLD. I can’t stand being cold. It’s 69 degrees in my house right now and I’m wearing 3 layers, a hood, and slippers. I’m still cold.

A boy geocaching
On a hike to a cache

Free online camp was fantastic during the summer.  We did online dinosaur, space, bug, theater, recycled art, and Lego online camp.  Did you know that dinosaurs might have had feathers? But now that school has started more online learning is not what we are looking for.

Homemade dino fossils

A monthly subscription box

My best idea has been the one that comes in the mail and recurs every month.  

We signed up for Universal Yums “Yum Box.”  Every month we receive a box of yummy and weird treats from one featured country along with a brochure of fun facts. 

It really lifts my spirits to receive a gift in the mail each month.

The contents of the Yum Box
The monthly Yum Box includes unusual snacks, a fun score card, and a country fact booklet.

Monthly Subscriptions

So I’m thinking.  What else can I sign up for?  And this time I want something for ME. 

I looked into other subscription boxes but nothing appealed.  And I certainly don’t need to be inundated by monthly yarn.  Somehow that happens by itself.  Ha-ha.

And then it hit me.  A magazine!  Yes, I need a crochet magazine subscription.  A fun little gift for me that will come once a month, is reasonably priced, and won’t clutter my house.  Is this what you are looking for too? If yes then read on my friend!

How to choose a Crochet Magazine subscription

As I mentioned earlier I have to excessively research EVERYTHING before I make a purchase.  I am not spontaneous at all.  

First I compiled a list of every crochet magazine I could find that is available in the United States.  I found 10:  Crochet! Magazine, Crochet World, Interweave Crochet, Happily Hooked Magazine, Inside Crochet, Simply Crochet, Crochet Now, Pom Pom Magazine, Crochet Now, and I Like Crochet.

Then I made a list of all the important details of each magazine: website, publisher, terms, subscription length, # of issues per year, price, digital/printed, specialty, and another other interesting facts I came across. Stay tuned to the end of this post to see the list.

Finally I prioritized the most important elements I am looking for in a magazine and started narrowing it down.

A super fun happy project in Crochet Now.
A super fun happy project in Crochet Now

How to narrowed it down, a case study.

The four criteria that I’m looking for in a magazine subscription are 1. a reasonable price per issue, 2. a physical not digital magazine, 3. a trendy, happy, fun aesthetic, and 4. patterns written in US terms. Okay let’s start sorting.


First I evaluated each subscription on price per issue (prices are based on introductory rates as of 1/7/2021):  Crochet World $2.08, Crochet! Magazine $3.13, Happily Hooked Magazine $4.08, Crochet Now $3.75, Simply Crochet $4.23, Interweave Crochet $5*, I Like Crochet $7.94, Inside Crochet $8.42, We Crochet $14.99, and Pom Pom Magazine $18. 

I don’t want to pay more than $5 per issue so that knocked out four magazines right off the bat.  I’m sad that We Crochet and Pom Pom are no longer contenders because those magazines are chic, trendy, fun, and funky which is the aesthetic I love. Here is a funky necklace I designed recently that is a perfect example of the aesthetic I’m looking for.

Physical vs. Digital

One of my major requirements is I want a physical printed magazine.  So that knocked out the digital magazines Happily Hooked, Crochet Now (available in print on newsstands but not for home delivery to the US), and I Like Crochet.  Two more bummers because I love Happily Hooked and Crochet Now’s aesthetics as well. My Aztec Bracelet Set appeared in Happily Hooked’s #72 issue!

Learn about mindful crochet from Crochet Now Magazine.
An article on the topic of Mindfulness in Crochet Now

So now I’m down to Crochet World, Crochet! Magazine, Simply Crochet, and Interweave Crochet*.  

At this point I went to the store to check out the magazines in person.

Magazine Aesthetic

As I mentioned I love fashion forward garments and funky design.  Crochet World is quite traditional and conservative, not quite MY cup of tea.  I’m eliminating it.

Crochet! Magazine and Interweave Crochet* are similar in their aesthetics.  They offer a trendy but conservative approach to crochet and have a lot of technical details and new techniques included in each issue.  I could learn a lot from these magazines.  But I’m looking for something fun and inspirational right now. I’m putting these two on the back burner for when education is my priority.

Crochet! Magazine has great schematics and stitch charts.
A detailed schematic and stitch chart in Crochet! Magazine
Crochet! Magazine is trendy yet conservative.
An on-trend, conservative project in Crochet! Magazine

Simply Crochet Magazine

The winner is Simply Crochet Magazine!  It meets all my requirements except one.  The patterns are written in UK terms.  Grrrr.  I really wanted something in US terms BUT my main motivation for subscribing to a magazine in the first place is entertainment and inspiration. I think I can overlook the terms.  

Simply Crochet features trendy yarn dyers and fresh new colors.
Emerging color trends in Simply Crochet Magazine

The things I really like about this magazine are it’s less than $5 a month (which is a deal considering it’s a UK based magazine), a physical printed magazine, a monthly publication, happy, funky, and inspiring, AND it’s more than just patterns. It has fun articles about up and coming designers, newly released yarn and trending stitches. Fun!!  

Learn about up and coming designers in Simply Crochet Magazine.
Up and coming crochet designers in Simply Crochet Magazine

I went ahead and subscribed!

Pre-purchase concerns

Before I subscribed there was one thing that concerned me. I gave the company a call and they were pretty helpful.

The price listed on buysubscriptions.com is $55 for 13 issues, 73% off the newstand price. However, because the company is based in the UK I didn’t know if the price would renew at $55 like is customary in the US or at the non-discounted price.

I searched the FAQ and Terms & Conditions sections. The T&C states that “short-term introductory offers” do not renew at the same price. But the $55 is a “best value” price. Best value prices are not addressed in either sections.

In the Terms and Conditions it says that if you “change (your) mind… you may cancel a subscription at any time and receive a full refund on any outstanding issues by contacting us. ” See section 9.4. That’s a pretty good deal!

. .

I called

So I called to get this all sorted out. I got through to a person in seconds. Based solely on her accent I think she was in the US. The woman was very helpful but didn’t have ALL the answers. She did have a better price though! Her price was $49.85 so I signed up over the phone. Oh shoot, I just realized I forgot to ask her if that is for 12 or 13 issues.

UK: 03330 162 139
US/Canada: 855 827 8639 (toll free)
Rest of World: +44(0)1604 973748

She said that subscription prices “generally do not go up from year to year.” When I asked if subscriptions renew automatically when purchased through the website she did not know. But she did know that if I subscribed over the phone she could set my subscription to not auto renew. This is what I did.

If you subscribe over the phone make sure to ask for your subscription number so you can access your member account on their website to keep track of your subscription.

Conclusion, I’m so excited to receive my first issue! Unfortunately, the UK is in lockdown right now so she said it will take 6-8 weeks to get my first issue which will be the February issue.

But it’s a special surprise to look forward to which is exactly what I was looking for! I’m so excited for a whole year of crochet inspiration!!

It’s your turn to find your perfect magazine!

Okay, now write down your top magazine priorities and start sorting!

Below is tons of organized, useful info to help you find the perfect crochet magazine for your needs and wants.

Please comment below or tag me on social media @crochetwithmarybeth and let me know which magazine you choose!

Here is the excessive research

I hope you find it helpful!

US subscription prices are as researched on 1/7/2021. Some prices might be introductory offers and change upon renewal.

Crochet! Magazine

Website:    https://www.crochetmagazine.com/

Publisher:  Annie’s Publication

Terms:  US Terms

Subscription length: 2 years or 1 year

# issues: 4 per year

Price: “2 years (8 issues) of Crochet! magazine at the special introductory rate of only $12.50 per year ($25 total). I’ll save 60%!… (or) 1 year (4 issues) for $18 — still a 43% savings.”

Digital included: Yes

Printed:  Yes

Digital only:  Yes, $18 a year (4 digital issues plus archive access)

Content: “NEW and innovative patterns to inspire you… Plus new stitches, techniques and more!”

Other:  “If at any time during your subscription to Crochet! you aren’t completely satisfied and want to cancel, just let us know. We will refund your entire subscription payment—every penny! No questions asked.”

Crochet World

Website:    https://www.crochet-world.com/

Publisher:  Annie’s Publication

Terms:  US Terms 

Subscription length: 2 years or 1 year

# issues: 6 per year

Price:  “2 years (12 issues) of Crochet World at the special introductory rate of only $12.50 per year ($25 total). That’s a 65% savings!… (or) 1 year (6 issues) for $18 — still a 49% savings!”

Digital included:  Yes

Printed:  Yes

Digital only:  Yes, $18 a year (6 digital issues plus archive access)

Content: “Beautiful designs for afghans, doilies, clothing, toys and more…  Tips and techniques, plus holiday and seasonal inspiration!”

Other:  “If at any time during your subscription to Crochet World you aren’t completely satisfied and want to cancel, just let us know. We will refund your entire subscription payment—every penny! No questions asked.”

*Interweave Crochet – Since the publishing of this blog post, Interweave has unfortunately discontinued their magazine both printed and digital.

Website:  https://www.interweave.com/ https://subscribe.interweavecrochet.com/pcd/Order?iKey=C**V01   

Publisher:  Interweave

Terms:  US Terms

Subscription length:  2 years or 1 year 

# issues: 4 per year

Price:  “2 years (8 issues) for $39.95” or “1 year (4 issues) for $21.95”

Digital included: It doesn’t say, I don’t think so.

Printed:  Yes  

Digital only (price, what’s included):  Individual digital back issues are available for $8.99 each.

Content:  “Get top-notch crochet projects, crochet tips and techniques”

Other: “Please send me 1 Year (4 issues) of Interweave Crochet magazine. Plus, I’ll receive my FREE Crochet Bags and Purses: 7 Free Crochet Bag Pattern digital download instantly.”

Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine

Website:  https://www.happilyhooked.com/    

Publisher:  Happily Hooked

Terms:  US Terms 

Subscription length:  1 year 

# issues:  24 digital magazine issues–16+ patterns per month  

Price:  $49 a year

Digital included:  With Happily Hooked you receive two products. Happily Hooked Magazine, a digital magazine which includes articles and is set up like a traditional magazine.  Plus the digital “Pattern Pack Pro” which is an all pattern supplement.  You will also get a plethora of free digital bonuses and entries into their monthly giveaway.  Check out their website to see their current offerings.

Printed issue:  This is a digital magazine only.  However, printed issues are sometimes available to purchase separately.

Digital only (price, what’s included):  Yes

Content:   The magazine, “showcases the best of the crochet world including news, tutorials, lessons, industry interviews, new and noteworthy products, the cutest crochet techniques, and of course TONS of quality (and error-free) crochet patterns–10+ every month, to be exact–delivered on the 1st of every month!‍”  The Pro Pack, “is the digital magazine for the crochet enthusiast who needs (and wants) even more patterns!”

Other:  “SUBSCRIBE TODAY AND GET:  2 Digital Crochet Magazine, A Complimentary Yarn Bag, Set of Soft Grip Crochet Hooks, ‘Pattern Plus’ Gift Bundle ($172 value) … FREE!  After you subscribe, if you don’t think these are the best Crochet Magazines on the planet, it’s money back time. There’s no risk.”  “If you are unhappy with your subscription, simply contact us within 7-days and we’ll give you a free refund.” Happilyl Hooked has a facebook group for subscribers only where you can connect with other crocheters and the designers of the patterns.”

Inside Crochet  

Website:  http://www.insidecrochet.co.uk/     

Publisher:  Tailor Made Publishing Ltd

Terms:  UK Terms  

Subscription length:  1 year

# issues:  12  

Price:  £75.00/ $101 per year  

Digital included:  It does not look like digital issues are included but it doesn’t specifically say. 

Printed issue:  Yes

Digital only (price, what’s included):  There is a digital only subscription available.  It looks like it is available internationally.  You can purchase a single issue for £4.99, a “6 Month Digital Subscription £19.99 billed twice a year, Save 11%,” or an “Annual Digital Subscription SPECIAL OFFER: Was £34.99 Now £23.99 billed annually, Save 46%”

Content:  “a monthly magazine full of inspiring projects for creative crocheters. Every issue is bursting with modern patterns for women, men, children and the home, plus interesting features, reviews, news, trends and events to keep you busy until next month and beyond. There’s also a beginners’ guide, inspiration for rusty crocheters and tutorials for the connoisseur.”  

Other:  As far as I can tell the free gifts you may see included in the issues on magazine stands do not ship internationally.  Although, I could be wrong.

Simply Crochet  

Website:  https://www.gathered.how/magazines-simply-crochet/     

Publisher:  Immediate Media Company Ltd  

Terms:  UK Terms

Subscription length: 1 year  

# issues:  13

Price:  $55 per year 

Digital included:  I can’t find anywhere that says a digital issue is or isn’t included so I’m assuming it is not.  

Printed issue:  Yes  

Digital only (price, what’s included):  I do not see an option for a digital subscription.

Content:  “packed with over 20 crochet patterns each month, technical advice, clear instructions and crochet inspiration, plus a free gift with every issue!”  

Other:  “Get an exclusive crochet gift with every issue.”  

Crochet Now 

Website:  https://www.crochetnow.co.uk/     

Publisher: Practical Publishing  

Terms: UK terms 

Subscription length:  1 year  

# issues: 1 issue a month  

Price:  See digital only below 

Digital included: A Print and Digital combo is not available in the US. 

Printed issue:  Not available in US 

Digital only (price, what’s included):  Amazon offers a $44.99 Kindle addition for 1 year.  Digital issues are also available on PocketMags, iTunes, and Google Play.

Content:  “The UK’s premier magazine for crochet patterns, technique advice and yarn inspiration… Crochet Now is packed with crochet patterns you’ll love to make, from blankets and amigurumi toys to accessories for adults, children and babies.  Every issue is packed with expert step-by-step tutorials to help you master the basics, plus in-depth technique guides to help you learn new stitches and stretch your skills. You’ll find stunning designs from big name designers and yarn inspiration to get you hooking tonight.”

Other:  “Kindle paid subscriptions come with a risk-free 28-day FREE period after which the subscription starts.”  

Pom Pom Quarterly

Website:  https://pompommag.com/     

Publisher:  Pom Pom Publishing  

Terms: Crochet is US terms and Knitting is UK terms  

Subscription length:  1 year 

# issues:  4 

Price:  I am a little unclear about the price of this magazine.  The subtotal for 4 issues is £37.50.  But the cart shows £16.00 added for shipping.  It does not specify if this is a one time payment or £16.00 or 4 payments of £16.00.  

Digital included:  Yes 

Printed issue:  Yes  

Digital only (price, what’s included): Yes, £37.50 for 4 issues

Content:  This magazine is heavily knit patterns with a few crochet patterns.  “You can expect fashion-forward knitting patterns, witty and interesting writing and interviews, recipes and tutorials on other crafts and disciplines. We’ll take on craft, photography, music, fashion, art, food, and anything else we know knitters will love, all beautifully designed and printed on lovely heavy paper.”     

Other:  “We’re proud that Pom Pom Quarterly is printed in the UK by Park Communications, a leader in cleaner, greener, environmental print. The magazine is made from paper containing 100% virgin fibre sourced from well-managed, responsible, FSC® certified forests. 100% of the inks used are vegetable oil based, 95% of press chemicals are recycled for further use and, on average 99% of any waste associated with this production will be recycled.”

We Crochet 

Website:  https://www.crochet.com/books/wecrochet-magazine/c/500412     

Publisher:  Crafts Americana Group, Inc.  

Terms:  US terms  

Subscription length:  Subscriptions are not currently available.  Only individual printed issues can be purchased.  

# issues: 1  

Price:  $14.99 per issue 

Digital included:  I do not think the digital ebook is included with the print issue but it is unclear on the website.  

Printed issue:  yes  

Digital only (price, what’s included):  Yes, each digital issue (ebook) can be purchased separately for $14.99.  

Content:  “WeCrochet was started to make a place specifically for crocheters. Our magazine features stunning crochet patterns, interesting tutorials, features on captivating crocheters, and all the yarn and tools you need on your crochet journey. It is our way of highlighting the crochet community and all the amazing things happening within it!” 

Other:  We Crochet Magazine is a new magazine and is currently on it’s 5th issue.  

I Like Crochet  

Website:  https://www.ilikecrochet.com/subscription-offers/gold-club/     

Publisher:  Prime Publishing Craft Group  

Terms:  US Terms  

Subscription length:  1 year

# issues: 6 per year  

Price:  $47.64 for 1 year  

Digital included:  This magazine is digital only.  

Printed issue:  No.  

Digital only (price, what’s included):  I Like Crochet Magazine is only available by purchasing the I Like Crochet Gold Club Charter Membership.  With the membership you receive “Premium content previews, I Like Crochet digital magazine subscription for the next year, I Like Crochet Special Collections, Instant online access to the library of 700+ crochet patterns & articles, Plus, FREE unlimited access to Two on-demand streaming crochet videos: ‘Back to Basics: 11 Essential Techniques and Stitches for Every Crocheter” and “Crochet Secrets Revealed: 12 Tutorials by Michael Sellick’.”

Content:  “25+ exclusive crochet patterns, expert tips & step-by-step techniques in every issue. Plus, instant access to the Magazine library of back issues with 700+ patterns & articles for free on your computer!”   

Other:  “Continuous Service Guarantee: Your membership will continue until canceled, and your credit card will be charged under the terms selected above. If you are dissatisfied with your membership, at any time, for any reason, you may cancel without further obligation, no questions asked.” “And we live by our own motto—’Live. Love. Crochet.’ ”  

I did not include Love Crochet in my list because as far as I can tell it’s only available as back issues in the UK.  

In addition,  Your Crochet and Knitting is not included because it looks like it is only available in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Did I miss any?

If you know of any other crochet magazines subscriptions in the United States please let me know.  I’d love to hear about them!

. .